Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog Beginnings: What's in a name?

Mike- Here’s my ideas: thebattingcage, or how about seventhvisionfans (or whatever that band's name was). Maybe thinktank and we could have a cool logo with us sitting on a Sherman tank. Take a classic cliche or our favorite RBI player. Or if all else fails we can call it the sound you used to make when you'd see a hot girl: Booufgh

Chris- I still make that noise by the way, only it's in my head and my intentions are quite different nowadays. Seventh Vision is right on, weren't they like Rage but instead of praising Che, they praised Jesus. I think The Think Tank could use a logo similar to the No Limit Records logo. I was thinking "Chatterboxers" would be okay. "Readydownhuthuthut". "EternalSlide". "Noink"; All are available. Any other good stuff. I think staying away from peoples names is good since if we want to do shirts or whatever we won't get pegged with a cease and desist. That's thinking pretty far ahead, but y'know I don't wanna get to that point and not be able to do it.

Mike-Oh come on Dickie Thon won't care! Plus then we can rejuvinate Sisqo's career with the Thon song Part II. 'Stache like what what? Baby lay down that bunt bunt. (as soon as I did this I found They have a wall of shame with players like Argenis Salazer, Ozzie Canseco, Bam Bam Muelens and Paul Zuvella. It's 87 Topps all over again!)

I like downhuthuthut and Eternal Slide. How about tweener, project or possessionreceiver?

Chris-Yeah Think Tank is taken already, as is Think Tanks. Tweener and Tweeners is gone as well. I just suggested Chatterboxers because it was available with in the .com variety. whatismoxie and wevegotmoxie are available too if we wanna go that route. They're a little bulky but it fits. I don't have a real strong preference for any of them. Readydownhuthuthut I like, eternalslide, I don't know what do you think?

Mike- Readydownhuthuthut is good with me. Let's do it and if something else comes along or we get huge we'll take over