Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Barbaro? Who Cares!

Beings I care more about than a dying horse named Barbaro:

5. Minneapolis Drive Time Radio host Dan Barreiro
4. RB Marion Barber III (Not to mention previous Marion iterations I and II)
3. The combined skills and names of Brazilian soccer greats Bebeto and Romario
2. Fictional Elephant Babar
1. Fictional Hood Vinnie Barbarino

What’s the big deal about Barbaro? Google “Barbaro” and you get 10,400 hits. That’s more than Albert Pujols or the Indy 500, and slightly fewer than “Yankees Red Sox”, "American Idol" or "Al-Qaeda". All this attention is for a horse that broke its leg. That’s it. He won the Kentucky Derby and then broke his leg in the next race. Suddenly, his medical status is on red alert, garnering the same media attention when Baby Jessica got stuck in a well. If I watched cable news networks, I'm sure I would find a Barbaro Ticker with the latest breaking stories...Barbaro, the horse that broke his leg in the Preakness and now rests on his deathbed, just whinnied.

Suddenly everyone loves thoroughbreds. It’s not even thoroughbreds as a whole, it’s a love and interest for Barbaro’s leg. Less coverage was reserved for human-athletes that have actually died. Fans have sent flowers and apples to the veterinary hospital. Other people wrote Get Well signs.

"So many apples were sent to the hospital they had to be shared with other horses in the ICU."
Everyone still knows it's a dying, illiterate horse right?