Friday, March 17, 2006

March Quite-Peturbedness

March is a fantastic month for sports fans. College Basketball, baseball, NFL free agency, NBA, and NHL all have something going on. With such a storm of action some things get ignored. Luckily we scrape all the crannies (nooks are too hard) for entertainment.

The Cubs can now officially begin their 2006 season-Mark Prior is hurt, a bad shoulder no less. What’s next Ken Griffey Jr. pulls a hamstring? In four seasons, Prior has pitched 200+ innings once. Remember when the Twins were considered complete fools for taking Mauer over Prior?

In other Earth Shattering news, Dwight Gooden has a drug addiction-Honestly what more is there to say? It is sad that Gooden can not get help, and taking shots is just low. However, looking at his mug shot, it appears he’s smirking.

Congratulations to Major League Baseball for poor planning-The inaugural WBC looked like it was catching on. People’s interest grew in the second round. That is until the NCAA tournament began on Thursday. Talk about a momentum killer. Now I’d forecast ratings worse than World’s Strongest Man reruns. I doubt the WBC has any Magnus Ver Magnusson’s up their sleeves.

Larry Brown and Starbury: Love Endures-After a week of 8th grade level fighting, Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury say they are on the same page. It’s Brown’s own fault for wanting to coach the Knicks. Is his ego so big that he thought he could change things? At least they’re on speaking terms. Marbury puts it best,"He flexed a real hard juice card, I know that.” Huh?

Coming to a bench near you-It’s Joey Harrington 2.0. He’s the icon for Matt Millen’s Reign of Futility. Upon hearing that Harrington is on his way out, the occasional fan might think the Lions must have signed a better quarterback. Well no, not really. Jon Kitna and Luke McCown, both probably better than Harrington, but not anchors of a franchise either. Sure everyone likes to rip Harrington, he’s an easy target. After looking at his stats, wow, he really is that bad.