Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You've Got Mail from the Roll Player

What is the deal with Daunte Culpepper and his inconsistent demands? One minute he is asking for a pay raise from the Vikings, then requests a trade, later denying both. Next he volunteers a deferment on his bonus and wants to be a Viking. Today he again issued a statement asking for a trade or release. The common denominator? Any statements from Culpepper this offseason are via email.

His statements seem schizophrenic. Either Culpepper doesn’t know what he really wants, aside from attention, or the media is misreading his comments. After getting this email forward from Daunte, a clearer picture is painted:

Hello, my name is Daunte.
This really works, please don?t delete it! If you choose not to read it, at least send it to people so that they can have a chance. I got this e*mail and tried it. Exactly a week later, I received a check for $9million! It was perfect timing, I?m going to Florida soon and really need the extra cash. Thanks sooo much for sending this to me, I hope someone else out there turns out as happy as I did!

Hello everybody,
My name is Bill Gates. Here at Microsoft we have just compiled an e-mail tracing program that tracks everyone to whom this message is forwarded to. I am experimenting with this and I need your help. Forward this to everyone you know and if it reaches 1000 people everyone on the list will receive $1000 at my expense. Enjoy.

Your friend,
Bill Gates

You see? Culpepper doesn't really want trouble, he's just trying to get paid. It really paints a different picture of Daunte or the 13 year old kid with as his handle.