Monday, February 27, 2006

Just One More Reason the Twins Need the Big Hurt

Since 2002, the Twins and White Sox rivalry has developed into hate. Neither team likes to acknowledge the other’s success. For the first time since 2001, the Twins are the team chasing Chicago. Considering the Twins and White Sox rivalry, how bitter could it be with Frank Thomas in Minnesota?

Thomas complained about his poor treatment in Chicago, particularly by GM Ken Williams. So Williams professionally issued a profanity laced tirade to reporters. It wasn't just the words Williams used, but the vigor in his voice (the video is even better than the isolated quotes). He completely lost it, over Thomas' moaning about respect. Whether Thomas was a “clubhouse cancer” or not, he just exacted the reaction he wanted from Williams.

The Twins signed Rondell White instead of Thomas. White sounds like a great guy who will get along with everyone. And that’s swell. The Twins have too many nice guys, and chemistry and intangibles are overrated in baseball. Forget that Thomas is a better player a future Hall of Famer and was cheaper than White. No, they need someone that will turn Ken Williams into an eighth grader who just learned how to use swear words.

Throw stats and injuries out the window. The Twins need to call Oakland and acquire the former Auburn Tight End. The man who is shown flipping off the camera in his 91 Upper Deck rookie card. Frank Thomas should be a Twin for so many reasons. Imagine the possibilities for the Twins-Sox rivalry.