Friday, February 24, 2006

Papa Don't Preach, or Announce Bobsledding

If you have nothing to do Friday or Saturday night, watch the bobsled coverage. There are three announcers, Bob Papa, Carol Lewis and Bob Neumeier. Lewis was actually a bobsledder and probably has some legitimate insight. Neumeier is a horse racing announcer, won’t let anyone else speak and his yelling rivals Dick Vitale. Papa appears to want nothing more than a paycheck for attending the event.

The broadcast goes like this: Lewis introduces the next team, tells her opinion of why they will win or lose. Then Neumeier takes over, shouting as the bobsled bumps the wall, “THEY JUST LOST 3 HUNDREDTHS OF A SECOND, THAT WILL BE COSTLY!”
The sled passes the next checkpoint and shows they gained 3 hundredths of a second. Neumeier continues, “DRIVER X IS SO GOOD IN THE TURNS, JUST MAKING SUBTLE ADJUSTMENTS AND FINDING GOOD LINES!”
The sled promptly fishtails and slides up the track. As the bobsled enters the final turn, each time at the same exact spot and with no attempt to mask his apathy, Papa chimes in “81 miles per hour.” Then he retreats to silence until the next run. Perfectly timed unintentional comedy in a "boom goes the dynamite" way.