Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Incredible Hulk is Out for Justice

Former actor and body builder Lou Ferigno is now an assistant deputy officer in LA. Sure Shaq is a token officer in Miami, but when something goes down, who would you rather have on your side? I'll take the Hulk anyday. Shaq comes off as a giant publicity stunt who thinks he's a super-hero. Ferigno is a super-hero.

What would Shaq do to a criminal, back him down in the lane or interrogate the perp in third person? "Shaq thinks you're guilty. The Diesel doesn't like law-breakers."
Ferigno says he wants to focus on drug prevention and youth. Pity the poor predator that encounters Lou. The drug bust quickly becomes a skull bust. No words wasted, just ensuring another creep is off the streets.
Even Ferigno's hearing impairment will be an asset. He won't bother asking questions, just kickin some drug pushing ass.