Friday, February 10, 2006

The R!D!HHH! Week in Review:

From the mighty pen of Michael J. Maruska...

The week in sports, where fun is guaranteed
And a summary in prose, the only news you need,
Super Bowl XL, as predicted was bad,
The only saving grace were the smart Sprint ads,

Al Michaels gets traded for highlights and a cartoon,
Means no Collinsworth in the booth, oh what a boon.
TV on Sundays now has a large hole
No more football unless you count the Pro Bowl,

What to do now many people have wondered,
It’s simple just watch next week’s Daytona Five 'hundered,
As the NHL struggles to find fans who wont’ knock it,
Along comes a gambling ring funded by Tocchet,

To make matters worse is Wayne’s wife Mrs Gretzky,
She allegedly loves to place those high dollar betskys,
For protection her loving husband lies,
Always a poor choice to fib to the FBI,

The Winter games oft begins with skating and ski sloping,
Instead we get headlines of drugs and blood doping,
Sure it’s the skeleton, why should you care?
Because the athletes are taking Propecia, to try and grow hair.

Speaking of banned drugs, Sammy Sosa signed with the Nats,
To pair with the speedy Chubbs LeCroy for quality at bats.
Surely all D.C.-ians will be glued to their tubes
All for a chance to see them gigantic boobs.