Sunday, February 05, 2006

1st Quarter from Mike's head

1st Quarter
-Full Throttle Coke: The man’s soda. As badass as a temporary tattoo.
-Who would you rather tackle, Jerome Bettis or Aretha Franklin?
-Oh The Places You’ll Go. How many intros to one game can you have? And why Harrison Ford.
-Seattle wins the toss it’s tails. Many people just lost thousands of dollars.
-ABC has three sideline reporters. It must be a big game. That third sideline is usually neglected.
-First drive the Steelers different looks including dropping DT Casey Hampton in coverage.
-The Whopper commercial was decent, but not as good as the Burger King taking an interception to the house.
-Madden just talked about the 108 footballs in use. Otherwise he’s on point so far.
-The key to getting hot chicks: Be a Pepsi Can that likes Hip Hop.
-Four Bud Light commercials in a quarter. All decent for a change.
-I keep hearing “brown and bubbly” in my head.
-The Seahawks aren’t going to run laterally, Pittsburgh is too fast.