Sunday, February 05, 2006

The GREATEST PREGAME SHOW EVER! or lame as always

3:00 (2+ hours to kickoff) Chris Berman introduces a piece on the 25th anniversary of the end of the Iran hostage crisis. This is the perfect example of unnecessary Super Bowl Pregame coverage. Diane Sawyer doesn’t analyze the Super Bowl during the State of the Union address coverage, so why should Chris Berman cover this? Thankfully the nicknames were spared.

3:45: Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick watches film and breaks down the NFL’s greatest defenses. No gimmicks or flash, just a very bright guy telling why the Steelers, Bears, Giants and Patriots succeeded in the Super Bowl. I can’t say if he’s a genius, but he deserves all the praise he gets. He would be a fantastic broadcaster, but he’s too smart for that.

Fact from Berman: Matt Hasselbeck is the first QB from Boston College to start in the Super Bowl. You mean Glen Foley, Brian St Pierre and Doug Flutie never made it? Ben Roethlisberger is the first from Miami (OH), but that was too obvious.

When did Mike Tirico decide to go with the Rob Cordry look? Is he in baldness denial? Or is it a soul patch for your pate?

4:15: Just saw a Disney commercial with Joey Porter and others practicing saying “I’m going to Disney World.” Pretty good. The Vault Soda commercial following it was awful. In the footsteps of Jolt, Surge, OK Cola, we don’t need another obnoxious pop.

4:25: The lights are down in the stadium! Something must be happening…in like an hour.
4:35: I have sporadically watched the pre-game for 90 minutes and have already seen three or four Radio Shack ads. They aren’t new, entertaining, or clever. If they are saturating the pregame like this, it is a bad sign for the game.
4:26: Grey’s Anatomy ad #1a. I won’t count it towards the official tally, but my appetite is officially whetted.
4:50: Young, Irvin and Jackson give their final thoughts. Young: “It’s a rematch from 1989, when Mike Holmgren faced Dick Lebeau”(They were the coordinators for the 49ers and Bengals). That’s the biggest thought Young has? Michael Irvin says, “The Seahawks must score early and take this crowd out of the game.” Everyone knows teams that fail to silence the crowd are 0-40 in Super Bowl history.
4:55: Hank Williams in a tricked out SBXL SUV. Or as I like to call him Big Bank Hank. More to come…