Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Twins "nab" Ruben

Holy cow Terry! I talked bad about you for months and then you go and do that thing you do. Just when we all thought you were "done", you go and blow our minds with this move. I take it all back Terry...well...I guess...no I don't take it back. Sorry Terry.

Needless to say Ruben has put on some pounds over the years. The source of those pounds is yet to be determined, although those pesky injury problems could be a sign of something more sinister than Biggie Sized Fries and Taco Bell breakfast (It's sooo good, trust me). But if he can hit L.A. Weight Loss and get healthy, I can see him being a nice pinch hitting option. His strike out numbers are far less than those that LeCroy put up. I think the "he's been there before" thing is a little overblown and I wonder how much that played into the signing, but the fact is that this team is seriously short on veterans and why not give it a shot. Still, I think even when looking for left-handed hitters there would have been a few better options (Erubial Durazo, Scott Hatteberg immediately come to mind). But then again we're talking about the Twins here and when you can "make a deal" for a minor league contract, it's a no-brainer.

His comments in the paper are a little more about "I need a job.", than about being honest. It's not the move that's going to turn the tide, but it's a safe move, that COULD yield some okay numbers. But hey, Rock Raines Jr.? Now we're talking. Any time we can add decendents of players who appeared in RBI Baseball, I'm all for it. Now if Al Pedrique Jr. could just hurry up and sign we'd be set.