Friday, January 27, 2006

The Need for Speedos and a Good Lawyer

The Week in Review was not intended to be a rundown of athletes and arrests. That is what BadJocks is for. However when there are greater forces of stupidity and lunacy at work you just have to roll with it. This week is virtual Who’s Who of Athletic Belligerence, minus Tonya Harding and Darryl Strawberry. Besides, it's this or in-depth analysis of the Australian Open.

-JR takes woman for a Rider: Isaiah ”JR” Rider is the king of infamy and dubious scandals. From his course load at UNLV (dealing with PMS and 12th grade English) to running an illegal cell phone ring to smoking marijuana out of a pop can on the side of the freeway or simply parking illegally in Atlanta Thrashers hockey coach Bob Hartley’s reserved parking spot, he constantly finds new ways to garner negative attention. This week he was arrested for kidnapping. Many athletes have had threats or have been kidnapped, but I can not think of another athlete that has personally been on this side of the kidnapping process. No word if he had monetary demands or just wanted the company.

-Honey, I’m going golfing will you be here when I get back?-In the case of John Daly, the answer is no. Daly’s fourth wife Sherrie Miller-Daly reported to jail while Daly played in the Buick Open. Miller-Daly was convicted of operating a gambling and drug ring. John Daly supposedly had no knowledge of the activities.

-Two Challenger’s to Rider’s Throne: Sean Taylor-After being ejected from a Redskin’s playoff game for spitting on a foe, Taylor is now facing a maximum sentence of 46 years for three weapons assault charges from last summer. Did someone say weapons charges? Brother Michael defended Marcus Vick this week saying, “"He didn't do anything wrong. The world will all know when the truth come out." How often do we hear this? Rasheed Wallace said these exact words after his drug arrest. Michael the truth is Marcus has both on and off field problems, two involving teenaged victims.

Bode Miller can’t keep his mouth shut- You can see the US Ski coaches trying to keep Miller under wraps, “OK Bode, we survived the drunk skiing thing, only two weeks until Torino, all you have to do is not talk.” His latest blunder is accusing Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong of taking drugs. What is possibly gained from this?

-It can't all be bad news: Olympic Luger (as opposed to professional superstar luger) Georg Hackl has a photo collage on NBC For some reason he poses in a Speedo, a toga and on a porch swing. Nothing scandalous, but certainly perplexing. Who's er, excited for Torino now?