Monday, January 23, 2006

Two Jakes, Two big dumps and other observations.

-It was a bad weekend for Jakes. Plummer and Delhomme combined for 5 interceptions and 2 fumbles and just looked awful. Even with time to throw, Delhomme was flat, mistiming several throws. Plummer had no running game, and therefore had no playaction threat. As a drop-back passer he was pretty subpar.

-Obvious note of the week: Troy Polamalu is great. The screen where Polamalu fought through a block and still wrapped up Mike Anderson to prevent a first down was huge. Instead of a first down and certain big gain, the Broncos had to punt. At that point it was only 10-0 and the Broncos were driving.

-Ditto for Lofa Tatupu. Nick Goings may be eating through a straw this week.

-John Fox is a good coach, but Carolina looked completely lost. It is up to the players to get motivated, but the game plan was a complete opposite of the last two weeks: Only one deep pass in the first half (a completion), not enough pressure on Hasselbeck and a failure to protect Delhomme.

-Seahawks Tackle Walter Jones might be the best tackle in football. In pass protection he is effortless and never off balance. I wish the Fox announcers would have focused on him more.

-Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are the best announcing duo in the NFL. Both are knowledgeable without forcing it and they don’t get cute. And when a good point is made they don’t dwell on it like many other announcers.

-ABC will cover the Super Bowl this year. Beginning at 2;30 eastern pregame will run for nearly four hours. According to ABC’s schedule online, that would be longer than the game itself.

-Non Playoffs Thoughts: The Bills are hiring Dick Jauron. 35-46 record with the Bears, plus 1-4 as interim coach with Detroit and he will get a third chance? It’s more mediocrity from the Bills…Does Al Davis care to join the rest of the league and hire a coach? Or at least interview someone legitimate besides James Lofton?... Daunte Culpepper wants a raise or be traded. Seven months ago he was a trendy pick for MVP. Now 180 degrees later it is questionable if he plays for the Vikings again. It’s amazing how much power complaining wields.