Friday, January 06, 2006

At Ease: Vikings hire Major Dad as Head Coach

Really he's more Simon and Simon era Gerald McRaney than Major Dad, but I think it fits quite nicely.

As far as the hire goes, like I said yesterday it doesn't make me jubilant by any means, but I think it's good. His offenses have never cracked the top ten (at least I don't think they have) in the NFL, but yet the Eagles made it to two NFC championships and helped McNabb really develop into a more poised QB. Beyond that, the rest is just sort of second-hand insider knowledge. So the question is really are you buyin' what they're sellin'. Almost everyone in the media seems to think it was a good move. Although Souhan chimes in with another one of his overly-critical, tunnel-vision articles about how it was "too fast". Jim even resorted to a cheap shot about Tice's weight. Seriously, is this guy the worst writer in town? His takes are consistently off-base and to one extreme or another. What would've happened if they didn't sign Childress? You know he was gonna get interviews with at least a couple other desperate teams. If we decide to not hire him and wait to interview more candidates and he gets snatched up, what then Jim? You know he would've written an article lambasting the "Zyginator"(seriously who told you this stuff was funny?) If they interviewed Childress and really liked him, and you trust the sources you've used to gather information on potential candidates, then why not hire him so quickly. This isn't like hiring a new sales guy, this is a seriously time sensitive endeavor and the Vikes showed that they weren't about to waste any time going after their guy. If this was their only focus, I would have some objections, but they inlcuded Bud Grant in the hiring process among others. Why is it concluded that because the head coach position was filled so quickly, it means that the hiring process was conducted poorly. I think if you know what you're doing you can make it happen as fast as it did.

I was thinking more about Major Dad and his potential staff that he may bring a long and I thought I might offer some suggestions for him, seeing that he's gonna need to do that in the next week or so. Here's what I came up with:

Defensive and Offensive Coodinators: My Two Dads

One is the free-wheeling, loosey-goosey type. The other is the anal-retentive disciplinarian. How great a combination do they make on the sideline. And with Dick Butkus' influence, they've got some serious NFL coaching cred to bring to the table

Special Teams Coach: Coach Graham T. Lubbock from Just the Ten of Us

What can you say, when you've dealt with Special Teams ineptness for many years who better to run the unit than this guy. And when you're only working with 10, it seems like a perfect fit for this Vikings squad.

Special Assistant Coach: Parker Lewis

Every team needs an ace in the hole. A guy that brings a winning edge to a team...and look good doing it. The word around the league is that this guy can't lose, so why wouldn't you add him to your staff.

That's all I got for now if you can think of any other crucial staff members feel free to add them.

Update: Childress just dropped a "hot lava" bomb in his press conference. It's official, any guy who use the phrase "hot lava" in his everyday vernacular gets my vote of confidence for head coach!