Thursday, January 05, 2006

This Week's Sign that Jim Rome has Zero Perspective and other thoughts

-Thomas Hearns was arrested for allegedly hitting his 13 year old son. Jim Rome's attempt at a hilarious take was that the boy had it coming for trying to stand up to a seven-time heavyweight champ. In Rome's words the junior Hearns should have gone to a neutral corner rather than duking it out with a WBC champ. Ahh, child abuse and the comedy it yields.
-Buffalo's Youth Movement: In a sport where coaches and GM's work 60-80 hours a week, the Bills have hired former coach Marv Levy as VP of football operations in hopes of turning around the franchise. The Hall of Fame coach is 80 years old. That's right 80. If I'm a GM I shy away from anyone alive during the Calvin Coolidge era. However Levy did build a winner 15 years ago and still has lots of connections. Here's guessing Don Beebe and Thurman Thomas are on speed dial.
A-Rod changes his mind, hurts the feelings of Dominicans. Everyone will sleep better tonight knowing that Alex Rodriguez announced he will indeed play for the US in the World Baseball (First Annual Manufactured) Classic. Last week the MVP said he wouldn't play because he couldn't decide between the US or Dominican Republic teams for fear of hurting the other country's feelings. Rodriguez' parents are from the DR, that is Alex's only connection, he's lived in Miami or New York almost his whole life. And he wonders why people think he's soft?
-The Reason Notre Dame Lost a Lot in the 90's: Former Irish coach Bob Davie started the radio broadcast for the Rose Bowl this way: "This is gametime, when everything extra like records, hype and coaching all go out the window."