Friday, December 23, 2005

You can't make it up: The Weak in the Sports World

It was a typical week in the sports world with all sorts of wacky, wonderful and weird stories. Here's a slice.
-Chad Johnson promises his best end zone dance ever. He's cocky, flamboyant, and a primma donna, but he's original and creative and definitely not TO. This week he hints at using a reindeer prop and predicts an NFL suspension. He's just having fun and entertaining us all, therefore I will be watching.

-Johnny Damon is a bleeping traitor. That's the sentiment in Boston, but the fans need to get over it. He was a major part of a historic World Series winner and one of the most unique characters in baseball. At some point though, Red Sox fans will remember that he was signed as a free agent four years ago and not some homegrown legend that paid his dues at Pawtucket. Red Sox and Yankees fans both have a way of overreacting to their baseball teams. Oh and he cut his hair, scandalous stuff indeed!

-In other Hot Stove news: The Giants acquired 40 year old Steve Finley to add experience to their outfield. Their starting outfield will now have a combined age of 120 between Finley, Barry Bonds (41) and Moises Alou (39). I smell pulled hamstring...After signing with the Royals, Reggie Sanders said he was the missing piece of the puzzle. Considering Kansas City's other acquisitions include Doug Mientkiewicz, Mark Grudzielanek, Paul Bako and Scott Elarton, the Royals are indeed a puzzle.

Matt Lawton is Pumped Up-The former Twin, Cub, Pirate, Indian and Yankee admitted he took a veterinary steroid last year. Of course the admission came after MLB announced he tested positive for steroids. He does get credit for being an adult and addressing his mistake, unlike somone else who we'll call Brafael Balmeiro.

-NBA on Christmas Day, and nobody cares. The NBC, ESPN and ABC are really trying to get someone, anyone, to watch the Lakers and Heat. Kobe scored 62 in three quarters this week on an effecient 29 shots. That means he will try to make up for his efficiency this weekend by putting up 62 shots to score 29 points. Shaq and Jerry Buss don't like each other, Phil Jackson against Generalissimo Riley, and you have an NBA game more trashy than thrilling. Let's see, there's NFL games, Christmas with the family, new movie releases, gnawing one's elbow or watching regular season NBA action. No thanks, please pass me another Christmas Cookie.

-For those of you concerned about your Christmas Card List. A feud between the coaches of England Soccer Clubs Chelsea and Arsenal reached a head when one refused an apology sent in a Christmas Card. Someone might be shocked by the level of immaturity and pettiness. Don King might say, "Only in America", but when it comes to sports, goofy things are a global concept.