Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What's eating Mike Tice? Everything but hyprocrisy.

Maybe Mike Tice is perturbed by all the insane Christmas shoppers. In his weekly press conference he took issue with the Jumbotron and fickle fans. He seemed to imply that season ticket holders sold (surely not scalped) their tickets to Pittsburgh fans.

"Maybe they're not really diehard season-ticket holders or maybe they needed the money for Christmas presents. I don't know. One of the two."

Considering Tice's recent history regarding ticket sales, one would think he'd steer clear of this. He also questioned the loyalty of the fans. Then he does his best Glen Mason impression:

"Look, when you go to some stadiums, it's so deafening that you can't hear. When you have 15 to 20 thousand of the opponent's fans in there, it's not deafening. There is a difference. The fans that were there were great. But it wasn't like a big game when it's just your guys in there."

The Vikings would have lost Sunday whether the whole city of Bloomington was in the dome or the game was played on ice in Warroad. I appreciate Tice's candor most of the time, much more so than Mason, but could a coach just once say, "We lost because we played bad."