Monday, December 19, 2005

What kind of 'tenders Randy?

If you watched the Vikings game yesterday you were privy to a dandy of a comment by CBS color man Randy Cross. The game was definitely tilting the Steeler's way when Randy let fly with something to the effect of:

There are two types of 'tenders in this league, "pre" and "con". The Steelers are showing they're "contenders" and the Vikings are showing us they're "pretenders"

You know Randy spent the entire week racking his brain for some quip that he could drop when the game got out of hand for either team. Randy is just one more guy in a string of horrible color guys (Randy, Bill Maas, Tim Green) that try so hard to be what Madden was in his prime, and fail miserably. We'll no doubt get into bad play-by-play and color guys at some point I'm sure, as it's a "talker" with Mike and I.

I got to thinking what Joe Buck would have said if he would've called the Vikes game on Sunday. Perhaps he would have come up with his own line. Maybe something along the lines of:

There's two types of 'inners in this league, "win" and "sin". The Steelers are clearly "winners", while those rapists in purple who have no respect for the law and spit on the cross of our Lord, are showing they're the "sinners"