Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tampa 2 Defense Cures Cancer, says "Erectile Dysfunction YOU'RE NEXT"

It's hard to say anything of substance about the hires made by the Purple this week. If any Joe-Q Rube says they think they got the right guy, they're morons. If you know anything about Darrell Bevell beyond his resume gleaned from the radio or print, your last name is Bevell or you have coached in the NFL. You can't really take too much from his time in Green Bay because for the last however many years he's had to "coach" a player who more and more looks like a guy who's running that organization. (witness today's hiring of former Packer coach and Favre crony and leader of that high-powered San Fran Offense, Mike McCarthy.) It sounds more and more like it's going to be a quasi-mentoring set-up with Childress taking the reigns and grooming "The Bev" for greatness.

I'm very curious to see how the offensive side of the ball is going to function next year. With Childress, you get someone who helped McNabb develop into the player he is today, while Bevell is sort of a wild card in terms of what he brings to the table. At least when the season starts we'll know absolutely for sure who will be calling the plays for our squad, as this seems to be the only issue they're addressing in their conversations with the media. It seems like they don't want to even look down the road the led Tice to things like the Randy Ratio.

On the other side of the ball I guess there's a little more to run with. I'm waiting for my Grandma (an amazingly loyal fan of the Purple) to call me and want to break down the Tampa 2. You couldn't watch TV, read the newspapers, or go online this week without reading "Tampa 2" or "Tomlin 2". Churches started taking down their catchy messages about God and prayer and started replacing them with "The Bev and the Tomlin 2, our second favorite trinity". Tomlin took over an already decent defensive backfield and made it even better. More importantly he's coached under the tutelage of two of the best defensive coaches this league has seen in the last 10 years in Dungy and Kiffin. I guess from this point we just need to wait and see. Questions have been raised already if the Vikings have the personnel to use this "Holy Grail" of defenses. My thoughts are that if they want to even think about running the Tampa-style version they're gonna need a serious upgrade at middle-linebacker. Someone who can run and cover receivers downfield, something that Cowart is just too slow to do. I haven't done any digging to see who might be available via free agency next year, but I think after the O-line (tackle and guard), this needs to be aquisition #3. If Tomlin can get his players to buy in to his system, I think he will, this defense with a couple small additions can be at least a top half of the league unit.

We'll stay tuned to further hirings in the days and weeks to come. It looks like as of now, the Vikes will have their entire staff hired before most teams find their new head coach. I don't think any other hirings will garner our attention, although if they land Delta Burke as the O-line coach I may have a rant to mix in at some point.