Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hi, I'm Frank Thomas, and I make less than Mike Redmond.

Yeah, I know, we've probably beat this topic into the ground, but when you see things like this happen, I just can't help myself. It's stuff like this that makes me increasingly frustrated with the way Twins conduct their business.

It's obvious Thomas is not the hitter he once was, nor is his health and durability even close to where it was in his prime. But to me, you HAVE to take a chance on a player that has the potential to easily be a 30 HR/100 RBI guy. And at $500,000? I understand why teams would pass on him. Most teams have either stretched themselves so thin this offseason in their acquisitions by over-paying for their FAs or they already have the DH spot filled confidently. I guess I don't see any real difference between Rondell White and Thomas. Both have struggled with injuries, but Thomas has put up far superior numbers in his career. Why settle for the lesser of two wild cards? We're looking to get nothing more than HRs and RBIs from this guy, why not spend less money or make one more addition, on what could yield something this town hasn't seen in almost 20 years: a 30 homerun hitter. Why not? Because this organization continues to stick with it's usual MO. The problem with that is that instead having to dish out $10+ million for a guy that "might be", the A's snatched up the guy for a "who cares" price. And another one bites the dust...