Friday, February 03, 2006

Bold Super Bowl Predictions

Lost in all the Super Bowl XL hype is a huge missed opportunity. St. Ides or Schlitz really should have become the official '40 of Super Bowl 40. Well it's nearing Sunday, which is the perfect time to actually start paying attention. Here is what to look for in between the confetti, baubles and Hank Williams JR.

Winner of the game

Mike: Pittsburgh. The Steelers have a more balanced offense than Carolina and Roethlisberger will make the Seahawks cover the whole field. Shaun Alexander will get his yards, but Pittsburgh will move people around a lot to get Matt Hasselbeck out of rhythm. WR Antwaan Randle-El and TE Heath Miller will be big factors for Pittsburgh.

Chris: Pittsburgh. Yeah it's the fashionable pick. Yeah it's tempting to go with Seattle and be contrarian. Seattle's defense seems to be getting criticized a bit this week, which I think is unfair and undesereved. The wild card in this game is Hasselbeck. When he gets rattled he has the potential to play like poop, but his line is the BEST in the league and it doesn't happen too often. In the end though, I think Pittsburgh will be just too much to handle.


Mike: DE Kimo Von Oelhoffen. Not really, but he could make the Horse Trailer.

Chris: LB James Farrior. Since Mike took my dark horse choice, I'll go with Farrior. Of course Polamalu would be the en vogue choice for MVP, but the fact is that Farrior is the guy that doesn't get the pub, but is nearly as effective a playmaker. Obviously Porter is the talker, but Farrior is the one who steers the ship. Containing Alexander is going to be a big part task for the Steelers, but if Farrior is on, they can get it done.'re right Mike, Miller could be huge in this one too.

Unsung Hero that Al Michaels latches onto:

Mike: Willie Parker. Madden will latch onto Lofa Tatupu and act as if no one noticed he’s good.

Chris: Willie Parker. Even though he averages like 2.5 yards a carry he's heralded as a game changing back by the media. The deserved choice? I'm a huge Joe Jurevicius fan. When Seattle's top two receivers were gone with injuries in the middle of the season, Joe and Matt had a really nice vibe and seemed to work well.

Who will choke/crap their pants

Mike: Seahawks PR Jimmy Williams. A muffed punt waiting to happen.

Chris: Seahawks Special Teams. Like Mike said, after seeing a bit of that Washington game, something is bound to happen.

What random factor will Madden focus on

Mike: Mike Holmgren's Headset, Ike Taylor's backpedaling, who knows? It is always a mystery what he considers important.

Chris: Hair of Polamalu, maybe the Porter/Stevens beef that was just ridiculously funny.

What I actually am looking forward to:

Mike: Roethlisberger. Bettis is a tired story, but it's not his fault, and is still a good story.

Chris: A good game. It would be nice to see Bettis ride off with a trophy, but beyond that I just want to see a close one.


Number of shots of Mr and Mrs Bettis (This year's Mrs Kurt Warner) - Mike: Over 7. Has anyone mentioned that they've never missed Jerome's games? Oh several people mentioned this, OK. Chris: Hmm...Over 10. She's got representation now and believe me they're gonna work it.

Number of Grey's Anatomy Promos - Mike: Under 20. This would be a lethal drinking game. Chris: Too many. Honestly, is this any more than nurses humping doctors with a good soundtrack?

Kid Rock sightings - Mike: I have to believe at least three. Chris: I say they go to that well once. Wait does he have a new album coming out? Crap...I hope not.

Mentions of Joey Porter's Trash Talk - Mike: 3. Chris: 4, mutha***ker!!!

Mention of the words disrespect, underappreciated and chip on their shoulder: - Mike: Over 30. Chris: 20. Mentions of grunge rock: 0.

What you’d rather be watching

Mike: The Hallmark channel’s Little House on the Prairie marathon.

Chris: Twins opening day!!!