Sunday, February 05, 2006

Quasi-Super Bowl XL: 2nd Quarter/Halftime

-Seattle dominated possession in the first quarter and has 3 points to show.
-Gray’s Anatomy in-game promo #1. I saw it from the edge of my seat!
-The stuffed mushrooms are a hit.
-Gilette Fusion-Finally a razor with 5 blades! Now I can hack my face quicker.
-How can Seattle give up a big play on 3rd and 28? They didn’t blitz, had zero pressure and still allowed a long completion.
-Someone kidnapped Madden and Michaels. Their broadcast has been pretty flawless.
-Polamalu is too quiet, although fewer run plays keep him away from the ball. He’ll show up soon.
-So far I haven’t noticed the crowd being a factor either way. But thanks for the insight Michael Irvin.
-I could go for a Don Cheadle NFL Playoffs ad instead of the b&w ones.
-Halftime and still no Kid Rock sighting.
-How old are the Rolling Stones? Following Super Bowl I they performed on Ed Sullivan.
-The Seahawks need to get back to the short rhythm passing game.
-I think Roethlisberger will be more comfortable this half and come out firing. First drive could be big.
-The Shaq/Desperate Houswives commercials can cease at any time
-Grey’s Anatomy spots are up to three. It’s code black!
-This Super Bowl is turning into a swell uneventful game between two neat teams. Nothing Super so far.