Sunday, February 05, 2006

NFL Week 21 Coverage: 2nd Half

2nd Half and Postgame
-Finally Willie Parker gives us something to notice
-Grey’s Anatomy IV. Intraveneous get it? Crickets chirp chirp.
-Roethlisberger usually looks off safeties, but tonight he is locking on receivers.
-Hummer H3 commercial was cute. If you like to watch Japanese monsters reproduce.
-Seattle needs to get back to their three step drops. Maybe Pittsburgh is taking it away better, but when they don’t have a camera on it, it’s difficult to tell. It’s also difficult when the ladies at the party are looking at wedding photos.
-#5 Grey’s anatomy is on after the Super Bowl if you are wondering.
-Jeremy Stephens forgot his hands wherever Thurman Thomas’ helmet is.
-Steelers Gadget plays now available in Skymall catalogs and Sharper Images.
-Where is Heath Miller?
-This game is like Week 13 caliber. No real excitement. Nothing Water-cooler worthy.
-Props to the Umpire for pinning Wistrom.
-Commercials are poor. No big movie trailers, no running gags, just lame rehashes. I guess companies find the Olympics more worthwhile.
-Does anyone deserved the MVP?
-ABC actually is toned down compared to Fox last year.
-Best shot: Dan Rooney giving the fist to Deshea Townsend. Much luv dogg!
-What was the podium for postgame? A spaceship or the Tilt-a-Whirl?
-Hines Ward as MVP, I can live with that.
-Bettis announcing his retirement live. That’s pretty great. And a good note to end on.