Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wunderlick...Feels So Good!!!

Vince Young apparently flunked his Pre-Draft IQ test, and people are in an uproar. Sure he was the best player in the Rose Bowl, but of greater concern is his failure to grasp word analogies. Obviously the test appears pretty simple and to score below 20 might be troubling, but its relevance rivals 40yd dash times. Young could be very smart and just didn’t care to waste time taking this test, or he’s a rockhead. Either way, a week ago he was a top five pick and now appears to be plummeting. Just one more example of how overrated the NFL draft can be.

Here at RDHHH! we felt like it might be necessary to create a test that's a little more appropriate. We feel like we're on to something here.

Instructions: There is no time limit for the test. If you're reading these instructions you're smarter than 99% of the guys who take this thing. With that in mind. Before you waste your time on this thing, write "Gene Upshaw is a douche" in the lower right hand corner and turn in your test. Don't worry about Day 2 of the draft, your agent will be getting a phone call from multitude of interested teams, including the Pats, the Colts, and the Steelers. Congratulations, you just got paid!

Jimmy is a Tight End. All Tight Ends are eligible receivers. Can you pass to Jimmy?
A. Always B. Never C. Only as a last resort D. Yes, unless it’s Adrian Cooper

Who is allowed to brandish a hand gun?
A. Anyone named Vick
B. Sean Taylor
C. Maurice Clarett
D. Ponch from CHIPs.

It is the second quarter; your team is down by eleven. After scoring a touchdown what do you do?
A. Give the ball to the ref and jog to the sideline.
B. Jump into the stands and let the Rubes slap your ass.
C. Put on an elaborate rehearsed celebration that includes a blow-up sheep, a lederhosen, and a Mao Tse Tung mask.
D. Ask for a contract extension.

Rank the following 1-8 based on total Moxie:
Joey Harrington
Trent Dilfer
Tom Brady
Brett Favre
Doug Flutie
Jake Plummer
Jay Fiedler
Donovan McNabb

Which one of these shapes is least familiar?

How many receivers are covered in the Cover 2?
A. 2
B. 11, it’s the greatest invention since facemasks.
C. 69..hehehe

Which of the following is skinny post?
A. Manute Bol
B. A pass route
C. Something in Fred Smoot’s Locker

Which of these does not belong?
A. Barry Sanders
B. LaDanian Tomlinson
C. Ki-Jana Carter
D. Emmitt Smith

If Fabian Washington runs a 4.3 40, does this guarantee a Pro Bowl selection?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Pizza

You just hired Master P and No Limit Sports as your agent. What should you do first?
A. Buy twelve Maybach's, and get crunk!
B. Buy twelve Bentley's for your mom and get crunk with her.
C. Both A and B.
D. Make 'em say UGGGHHH!

Quarterbacks Only: You are taking a three step drop, Joey Porter is blitzing off the right edge and no one is open, you should...
A. Force a throw into coverage
B. Throw it away
C. Run
D. Forget it, you scored a 16 on a Wonderlic test and GM's don't think you can make this hard decision.