Thursday, June 01, 2006

Give It a Rest: Spelling Bee Coverage

The National Spelling Bee used to be a daytime sports novelty on ESPN. The fact that it is now on ABC in prime-time is pretty amazing. I have no problem with that. It showcases 13 year olds that work very hard to be smarter than most people will ever be. For that they deserve all the attention. Whether people truly watch the event out of apprecitaion or mockery is unknown.

Along with the rise of the Spelling Bee is the rise of radio hosts and writers that continually think it's clever to write about the event. has five articles on the subject. Most act like they discovered this oddity. The mocking comparisons to real athletes and sports cliches fly haphazardly through Bristol, CT's bandwidth. Performing a fake spelling bee stopped being cute and clever long ago .

Another day has the same effect: April Fool's day. Every year someone tries to play a joke. Every year said person thinks they invented the April Fool's prank. This year it was MSNBC's laughably poor writer Mike Celizic writing about Matt Leinart joining a ballet troupe instead of the NFL.

Enough already. It's not original. Worse, it's not funny.