Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In other NFL news...

Is Joey Harrington Dead?
Rod Marinelli said, "he's not with us", "we're moving on without him" and refusied to say he cut Harrington. It almost implies Joey passed away. Please just acknowledge that yes the Lions cut him. Joey’s family is starting to worry.

Give him an inch…
Last week the Dolphins acquired Daunte Culpepper. This week they signed WR and Culpepper’s pal Kelly Campbell. Campbell didn’t play in 2005 after the Vikings cut him in September. Suddenly he’s a hot prospect for the Dolphins? K-Cam is best known for excessive celebration penalties and weapons charges.

T.O in Big D
Everything is peachy in Dallas now. Just wait for training camp when Bill Parcells calls Terrell Owens a girl. This is a guy that releases a rap song ripping the Eagles and bragging about getting paid. Sounds like someone who has learned from his past. The real reason Owens is not in Philly: wearing tights in practice.

Out-of-Context Quote of the Week:
"It was great to see our guys, our coaches get our hands on all of those athletes," Childress said. "They're kind of trying to feel us out, we're going to feel them out a little bit. But it all starts off today in terms of our offseason."