Thursday, June 15, 2006

Give it a Rest: Local Twins Coverage

How many times can the local beat writers rehash the same stories? Everyone knows that the Twins have not had a player hit 30 home runs since 1987. Yet, seemingly anytime a player hits more than two homeruns in a series it is big news. It’s about as newsworthy as saying the Twins are a small market team or that Scottie Graham was a pharmacist prior to playing in the NFL. It shouldn’t continually be a big deal. It is definitely an indictment on the Twins’ inability to produce power hitters. But the constant reminders are unnecessary. It will truly be bad if the Star Tribune has a daily capsule following Justin Morneau’s ascent on 30.

On a side note, why must every recap of a game featuring a grand slam be titled to include “slam”, “grand” or “powered”? How about something like Twins Salami Red Sox? Now that’s a good headline.