Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NBA Draft thoughts

-When the NBA enacted a minimum age it was believed that draft would feature more NBA ready players. Funny, High schooler Greg Oden would still be the consensus number one. As it is, the number one will probably still be a project. Either unknown Italian Andrea Bargnani or unknown prior to March, Tyrus Thomas, will be drafted number one. So much for drafting finished products. Check back in two or three years and the talent pool will be deeper.

-This year features more trade rumors than past years. This probably means that not much will happen. It makes sense too. The draft does not have anyone that is a certain star. Why would a team trade a proven player for a speculative pick? Where do the rumors come from anyway? The only teams wanting to trade are the ones wanting to get rid of their draft pick; not the worst idea this year.

-It will take more than Tyson Chandler, Ben Gordon and the number 2 pick for Kevin Garnett. The odds are better for Mike Maruska to be drafted than Garnett getting traded.

-Every year someone gets a promise from a team. It's so eighth-grade dance. This year it is apparently Atlanta checking the yes box and passing the note to Sheldon Williams. Two weeks ago, Williams wasn't projected as a top ten pick. Suddenly he's a top five pick. Considering the Hawks roster consists almost exclusively of small forwards, maybe telling a tough big man he's cute isn't the worst thing.

-The Bobcats “hired” Michael Jordan to have veto power on all player moves. So coach/GM Bernie Bickerstaff and his staff have worked for the past year on a long-term plan for the franchise. Then two weeks ago he is potentially torpedoed by the man who drafted Kwame Brown. Maybe Jordan learned from his mistakes in Washington and will not be as involved as some people think. I can’t see it working.

-Draft the Stache. The Portland sports radio station is running a campaign and website to draft Adam Morrison. It makes sense. The Blazers desperately need positive publicity, not to mention someone that can shoot. Many believe The ‘Stache is the closest thing to a star in this draft. He already has a fan base in the Northwest. His stripped down. “I just want to play basketball” attitude is refreshing. This is especially appreciated in a town used to its stars saying things like “CTC” or worse “Not Guilty”.

-What will the Wolves do? They have needs at several positions. Rashad McCants’ 2007 is in serious doubt, Marcus Banks might leave as a free agent and Kevin Garnett simply wants, and deserves, more supporting talent. By the time the Wolves are on the clock at number six the decision should be made for Minnesota. They should take the best available player among Adam Morrison, Brandon Roy, Randy Foye, LaMarcus Aldridge Rudy Gay or Rodney Carney. And hope it’s not Rudy Gay.