Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Surely there’s Something Else going on…

The coverage of Barry Bonds must stop. I understand he is relevant and newsworthy, he’s nearing Ruth, there are two books detailing steroid use, Gumshoe George Mitchell is investigating him and he has a reality show. All I ask is to please wait until there is an actual story. The coverage is completely overboard and I am just bored.

ESPN’s Pedro Gomez relentlessly follows Bonds, only to report nothing. After Monday’s opener he reported that the San Diego fans booed Bonds. The story also mentions that he didn’t homer, which apparently means complete failure. The tone of the piece seemed disappointed that he didn’t A) hit six home runs to tie Ruth or B) inject Human Growth Hormone on sight, admitting his guilt. Wow, he gets paid to go dumpster-diving and shadow the slugger 24-7, yet the only insight he lends is something everyone at home already knew. And this is what he does everyday. He is very similar to the janitor in Billy Madison. “Barry likes to drink soda. Miss Lippy’s car is green.” Thanks Pedro, take your paycheck and get out!

It is everywhere. Barry Bonds has his own section on In between “Baseball” and “NBA” is the Barry Bonds tab so you can follow the latest sport. I’m sure they will lend equal time to his chase of Ruth and Aaron, but for now it is the place to learn that he cried a lot on his new show. This is also the place for any baseball “expert” like Mike Celizic, Michael Ventre or Ted Robinson to take cuts at Bonds.

He’s an easy target to be sure, but there must something else to talk about besides Bonds. How many jokes about steroids or his head can writers think of? I don’t personally care for Bonds, and have even made fun of his head, but it is time to find something else to do. So until something of actual substance happens, RDHHH! Has nothing else to say. We now turn our energy to a complete recap of the WNBA draft.