Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cutting off your nose to spite your face

The Seattle Seahawks must be proud. After the Vikings and agent Tom Condon drafted a creative contract to pry Steve Hutchinson from the Seahawks, Seattle now signs Nate Burleson to a similar contract complete with "poison pill" stipulations.

Obviously the actual guaranteed money Burleson will see is far less, meaning Seattle basically made the move for show. They are unhappy with the way they lost Hutchinson and felt some sense of vindication by sticking it to the Vikings.While there is nothing wrong with gamesmanship it doesn't appear to be a fair fight.

Hutchinson is a 2-time Pro Bowl selection, widely regarded as one of the top lineman in the league and is entering his prime. Burleson has one 1,000 yard season, no Pro Bowls, struggled in 2005 and only 33 starts. He is a good fit in Seattle and should improve, but a seven year $49 million contract for an unproven receiver is a little excessive. The Vikings also get Seattle's 3rd round pick since Burleson was a restricted free agent.

The trouble is, Seattle created this problem. Instead of signing Hutchinson to a long-term deal or applying a franchise tag, they made him a transition player which allowed the Vikings a chance at one of the best players available in free agency. Lock Hutch up or shut up.