Monday, April 03, 2006

March Madness Live Blog

While I realize it’s not the Super Bowl, the NCAA championship game will still have enough drama to keep us entertained. Filled with awful commercials, pompous announcers, and significantly less global interest than football’s big game, tonight’s game is more for sports fans than a social setting.

The game is worth watching for One Shining Moment alone. The other reason is Billy Packer and his grouchy comments. Some of his gems from Saturday’s games:

-“Corey Brewer is so long. He plays like he’s 6’9””. (Brewer is 6’8”, what a compliment)

-CBS shows Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the crowd. “The greatest college basketball player ever.” Packer then pauses as if he is the only man that thinks this.

-Jim Nantz admits he was wrong about George Mason and gives them credit for their run to the Final Four. Nantz then pauses for Packer's words. Packer says nothing.

The Championship game also crowns the latest winner of the Billy Packer Man-Crush Award. Every year without fail, Packer latches on to one player and can not stop saying his name. Think Mateen Cleaves or Sean May.

In a game desperate for entertainment, RDHHH! will try to oblige. The plan is to begin the game with live running commentary, however two roadblocks stand in the way:

1. UCLA's stingy defense and inept offense induces sleep.

2. Inability to type as a result of gnawing off my fingers from listening to Billy Packer.

Let's hope all goes well and maybe I'll wear gloves just in case.